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I want my girlfriend back my first love left me a week ago. We were together for more than 8 months. It was bliss. But when summer came around it began to get cold and distant. Not know what to do. When I left she said she did not want a boyfriend right now and she just wanted to have fun. She said she wanted me to remain a part of your life and still be friends. My emotions I was forced to agree. I'm in so much pain. She already is "with" other. One of his friend’s sisters. They have obviously been "talking" for a while. She does all the things you used to do with me with him as always being around and constantly texting, talking on the phone, all things the honeymoon stage. She's already gone to the beach and the lake with him. He stays at home until midnight as usual.

I want my ex girlfriend back

I want my ex girlfriend back They go camping next weekend. All these activities are to unite more. I know the real reason why he left me. This was my first serious relationship. I was too jealous and controlling. I made mistakes and my jealousy was stupid and sometimes extreme. But I did these things because he thought he was losing. Very unsafe and counterproductive I know. I also wanted to be near her forever, because just being in his company brought me joy. I adore her. I know it seems that was needed and sticky and insecure. I am self-conscious of all this now, I know how not to act in a relationship and I know that we could have something surprising, because my zeal was the only problem. The realization was late, but I think I can overcome my shortcomings and I know what went wrong. How I can show that I can change and not be that way if we are not together? She's 19, I'm 22. Another thing that drives me nuts it is that she wants me to go out with other girls. How could she be above me so fast? And lose all interest in me? How it can reveal the feelings I had for me in the beginning if you are with someone now? How I can achieve what we had back? We will have classes together for the last time next week and then we will not see each other unless you are prepared.

How should I act? I know that not show how much pain I'm in but also do not want to act like I'm fine with the way it did me dirty with this guy. I said I'm fine with the break and we need space and, of course, should be friends. But I do not want to be condemned to the friend zone. I also do not want to lose my life. I know I should drop back for a while and hope you miss me because I cannot compete with the feelings of the honeymoon stage at this time. She is not thinking about me because she feels this type. How long until she thinks of me again? I know I have to improve my life for me and that is why my world does not revolve around a girl, but instead of leaving a place for a girl to be a part of it. I want to be her. I miss her every morning when I wake up. I want her to realize that we can be great again. I'm madly in love with her and I just want my baby back. What should I do? Thank you all.

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